Quick Pic Photo: Capture and preserve your memories

Quick Pic Photo

While our memories may fade over time, a great photograph can help preserve them forever. Quick Pic Photo of Bloomington, IN, is a full-service photo studio and lab that can handle all of your photography needs. Let us help you capture and preserve life’s special moments.

We know that your memories are important to preserve, and we treat every assignment with care. Because we have more than 30 years experience, we hope that you’ll trust us to go beyond your expectations in both quality and service.

  • High-Resolution Poster-Sized Prints
  • Professional Photography
  • Restore and Renew Old Photos
  • Prints and Slides to Digital Media for Easy Sharing
  • Prints from I-Phones! Email your Digital Photos to us to Print!

Call us at 812-334-1567 to schedule an appointment today.

Or feel free to stop by our Lab and Portrait Studio located in The Shoppes at 917 College Mall Road and let our professionals answer your questions.